Type 4 Dual multi Parameter Indicators

Type 4 Dual multi Parameter Indicators

Colour change: White to Black Type 4 Dual Multi Parameter Indicator

  • Conforms to EN ISO 11140–1 Type 4
  • Type 4 Multi Parameter indicator – Steam
  • Monitors all 121˚C to 134˚C steam sterilization cycles
  • Clear accurate colour change
  • Easy to interpret – easy to record
  • For use in every tray or item
  • Non-hazardous / Lead free according to EC Regulation 07/2006
  • Strips dividable to make 500
  • Laminated

The Valisafe Type 4 Dual Multi Parameter indicators offer an economical yet effective way of monitoring your steam sterilization processes. With one accurate calibration worldwide it is a secure and safe monitoring system yet simple and easy to use. Unlike most other Type 4 indicators available today the Valisafe indicator is non-toxic – another sign of its advanced technology

Order #
V3502038 – Type 4 Dual Indicators – 250 indicators split to 500

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