Support for the following products will cease 5 years* after the last unit was manufactured.

Model Date
Endo Purge (all variants) 01/03/2011
Shake and Flush (all variants) 15/11/2007
Si Auto (all variants) 03/02/2011
Si Digital (all variants) 23/04/2019
Pico Range (all variants) 11/06/2015
Pico Evo Range (all variants) 22/09/2016
Niagara Nano 13/08/2015
Reliance Digital 28/01/2014
SISA Insurface 14/11/2012
SI PCF Workstation 01/01/2017
Sonic Irrigator SA 24/03/2017
Reliance Digital PC+ 04/09/2018

*support will be offered up to 5 years and beyond where possible.

Reason for Discontinuation

Medisafe are committed to providing first class cleaning solutions for complex medical equipment. In order to do this Medisafe have redesigned and updated the units, releasing the S range.

Please ask your Rep or Distributer for more information on the new upgraded S Range of Medisafe Ultrasonic Washer Disinfectors.

Thank you for your long support.

Medisafe Technical Department