Model Date
Endo Purge (all variants) 01/03/2011
Shake and Flush (all variants) 15/11/2007
Si Auto (all variants) 03/02/2011
Si Digital (all variants) 23/04/2019
Pico Range (all variants) 11/06/2015
Pico Evo Range (all variants) 22/09/2016
Niagara Nano 13/08/2015
Reliance Digital 28/01/2014
SISA Insurface 14/11/2012
SI PCF Workstation 01/01/2017
Sonic Irrigator SA 24/03/2017
Reliance Digital PC+ 04/09/2018
Niagara Washer Disinfectors (all variants) 07/03/2019


View the letters below for more information on the discontinuation of the above capital equipment.

Ultrasonic and Washer discontinuation letter

Niagara Range discontinuation letter