About us

Modern Reprocessing for Modern Instruments

World Leaders in Hi-Tech Surgical Reprocessing Solutions

Our Vision

Clearly complex instruments will require complex repeatable reprocessing systems…

With the new surgical advancements made over the past decade – it’s reasonable to assume that most surgical procedures in the future will ideally be carried out with the “minimum of invasion.” Type “Trans-luminal” or “incisionless surgery” into your internet tool bar and you will get an indication of how complex surgical instruments will be in the future. These new complex instruments will be expensive and therefore require complex repeatable reprocessing systems. We will continue to lead the market with innovative solutions as surgical techniques continue to evolve!

We’re passionate about our products and product development and how they benefit our customers. Medisafe is constantly innovating to meet the needs customers have today and the expectation they will have tomorrow.

Our Strategy

Thinking ahead....

Our aim is to build long-term partnerships with leading instrument manufacturers and provide solutions that give both the instrument manufacturers greater design possibilities and the end customer fully validated instrument reprocessing solutions…

Our Values

Innovation, opportunity and growth…

Our ethos is to innovate and create new opportunities and possibilities. Our approach to innovation puts us ahead of any competition. This creates opportunities for growth and in turn allows new and existing staff or team members to grow with the company and fulfil their goals.

Our Timeline