Helix Device EN 867-5

Helix Device EN 867-5

Colour change: blue to black

  • Conforms to EN 867 Part 5
  • Specifically engineered for B type (vacuum assisted) table top sterilizers
  • Daily test requirements as stipulated in national standards
  • Easy to use – Easy to interpret
  • Self adhesive backing for documentation purposes
  • Non-hazardous / Lead free according to EC Regulation 1907/2006

Use in conjunction with your in-pack monitoring systems and read on completion of the cycle to ensure that your Type B table top sterilizer is performing correctly. This device, therefore, has the capability to provide you with effectively sterilized items in your practice. Used in conjunction with the Valisafe indicators you can be sure sterility assurance levels have been met.

V3502034 – Helix Device – 250 indicators

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