Helix Device EN 867-5

Helix Device EN 867-5

Colour change: yellow to yellow to dark

  • Specifically engineered for Type B (vacuum assisted) table top sterilizers
  • Conforms to EN 867-5
  • 134 ºC – 137 ºC for 3.5 minutes
  • Clear and abrupt colour change
  • Easy to interpret – easy to record
  • Self-adhesive backing for documentation purpose

The Helix Loadcheck is a hollow load process challenge device (PCD) that is designed to be used alongside the load to verify the air removal (steam penetration) capability of small Type B steam sterilizers only.

The chemical indicator located in the capsule will show a defined colour change from yellow to dark blue/purple when exposed to a specific combination of Time, Steam and Temperature.

V3502034 – Helix Device – 250 indicators

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