Medisafe 8E-Zyme is a unique high performing product that contains 8 Enzymes within a low foaming formulation. This cleaning chemistry detergent provides excellent cleaning in manual, ultrasonic and automated washer-disinfectors.
(Dose 2.5 ml-3.5 ml/litre)

Order #

1C39T4WR – 2×5 L
1C39T6WR – 10 L

SISA ‘S’ Trolley

The New SISA ‘S’ offers automatic cleaning for up to 12 cannulated instruments, within a 15 minute uninterrupted cycle. The added trolley gives you option to move the irrigator where needed and stores the detergent. The SISA ‘S’ will fill, dose, flush and empty at the touch of a button, making this system versatile and easy to use.

  • Sonic Irrigation™
  • New Touch Screen & Animated Technology
  • Enhanced sonic generator
  • New user friendly control system
  • USB port connectivity (Medicate)
  • 39L tank total capacity
  • Process up to 12 cannulated instruments
  • New drop and lock basket docking system
  • Process Interlocked lid
  • CPE® (Cannulated Pulse Enhancement)
  • Load performance optimisation
  • Automatic fill on detergent process
  • Water re-utilisation program
  • Traceability system compatibility
  • WRAS compliant
  • UL & CE Compliant

Medisafe WEEE Compliance

Medisafe WEEE Compliance

Medisafe UK Ltd realises the importance of Health, Safety & Environment to the wellbeing of our Customers, employees, our community, the environment, and ultimately our shareholders. Medisafe UK Ltd is committed to help protect the environment and communities in which we operate. Medisafe therefore complies with the Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013 and is formally registered with a legally approved Compliance Scheme as a producer under the Producer Number WEE/MM7279AA.

Medisafe UK Ltd is registered with the “B2B Compliance” Scheme. B2B Compliance on behalf of Medisafe, takes on the legal responsibilities of the reporting, collection and treatment of, all WEEE that Medisafe UK Ltd is obligated for – and ensures that the appropriate recycling targets are met.

For independent confirmation of Medisafe UK Ltd status can call B2B Compliance on 0845 680 9829 or visit www.b2bcompliance.org.uk

Medisafe UK Ltd Take Back Scheme

To fulfil our B2B WEEE take-back obligations, B2B Compliance will undertake the appropriate collection and disposal of obligated products of Medisafe UK Ltd.

If you have a Medisafe Product which has reached its end of life, please contact B2B Compliance collections team on 0845 680 9829 or [email protected] to arrange collection and treatment.


PCD for Sonic Irrigator MP

PCD for Sonic Irrigator MP

Test your machine’s Medium Pressure (MP) lumen cleaning performance

  • Monitors the cleaning efficacy of low/ medium pressure sonic irrigators
  • Simulates lumen instruments
  • Conforms to ISO 15883
  • Easy to use – Easy to read
  • Non-toxic

V3502107 – 1 PCD for SI MP

Distal Duck Tip Soaker ~ mini

Distal Duck Tip Soaker ~ mini

Keeping intricate instruments moist after use

  • Retains moisture around distal tips for easy cleaning – enzyme concentrate soaks distal tip
  • Recommended by leading manufacturer’s IFU’s for keeping instruments moist between point of use (OR) and reprocessing (CSSD).
  • Safe – instrument distal tip protector
  • Suitable for all instruments and small intricate tips* including ophthalmic and neuro
  • 4 Active enzymes – works at room temperature
  • Available in neutral solution
  • pH Neutral – non-corrosive
  • Safe, quick and convenient use
  • No more pre-soaking in CSSD

*Check with instrument manufacturer’s IFU’s

As recommended by leading surgical instrument manufacturers, keeping instruments moist immediately after use is a critical first step to effective ‘point of use preparation’, safe transport and subsequent decontamination.

Order #
M20411 – Enzyme – 250 Vials per box
M20423 – Neutral – 250 Vials per box

Duck Bag™ Humidity Pack

Duck Bag™ Humidity Pack

Keeping soiled instruments moist for transport prior to instrument reprocessing

  • Instrument humidity pack
  • Pre-moistened – ready for immediate use
  • 4Zyme sachet included – Works at room temperature
  • Heat sealed bag is easy to use & single use

Available in 3 sizes:
– Half DIN 420mm (16.5”) wide x 470mm (18.5”) deep
– Full DIN 400mm (15.7”) wide x 780mm (30.7”) deep
– Super Size 600mm (23.6”) wide x 1000mm (39.3”) deep

The Medisafe Duck Bag™ is a pre-moistened instrument bag, designed to maintain a safe and sealed humid environment for contaminated instruments. It can be used for the following applications: Domiciliary care, Out of hours emergencies, overnight and weekends and as a pre-soak if waiting for a full load (w/d). No addition of water required: bags ready for immediate use Prevents gross bioburden from drying on the instrument.

M20350 – Half DIN – 420mm wide x 470mm deep
M20358 – Full Din – 400mm wide x 780mm deep
M20359 – Super-Size – 600mm wide x 1000mm deep