Distal Duck Tip Soaker

Distal Duck Tip Soaker

Keeping complex instruments moist after use

  • Retains moisture around distal tips for easy cleaning – enzyme soaks distal tip
  • Recommended by leading manufacturer’s IFU’s for keeping instruments moist between point of use (OR) and reprocessing (CSSD)
  • Suitable for all instruments
  • 4 Active Enzymes – works at room temperature
  • pH Neutral – non-corrosive
  • Safe, quick and convenient use
  • No more pre-soaking in CS

Use the Medisafe Distal Duck Tip Soaker to keep complex instrument tips moist after use. The effective 4-Zyme Pre-soaking solution is safe for use with all complex surgical instruments, pH neutral (non corrosive), residual free and safe for instrument transportation.

Please see our New mini Tip Soaker used on small intricate instruments and the New Large Tip Soaker used on larger instruments and endoscopes.


M20413 – 250 Vials

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