Distal Duck Tip Soaker ~ mini

Distal Duck Tip Soaker ~ mini

Keeping intricate instruments moist after use

  • Retains moisture around distal tips for easy cleaning – enzyme concentrate soaks distal tip
  • Recommended by leading manufacturer’s IFU’s for keeping instruments moist between point of use (OR) and reprocessing (CSSD).
  • Safe – instrument distal tip protector
  • Suitable for all instruments and small intricate tips* including ophthalmic and neuro
  • 4 Active enzymes – works at room temperature
  • Available in neutral solution
  • pH Neutral – non-corrosive
  • Safe, quick and convenient use
  • No more pre-soaking in CSSD

*Check with instrument manufacturer’s IFU’s

As recommended by leading surgical instrument manufacturers, keeping instruments moist immediately after use is a critical first step to effective ‘point of use preparation’, safe transport and subsequent decontamination.

Order #
M20411 – Enzyme – 250 Vials per box
M20423 – Neutral – 250 Vials per box

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