brilliantBLUE distalCheck

brilliantBLUE distalCheck

For fast detection of protein residues on complex instruments

  • No swabbing – easy to use
  • Semi-quantitative residual protein indication
  • Protein detection range 5 to 40 μg as advised by HTM 01-01
  • Simple point-of-use visual assessment
  • Distinctive colour change
  • Fast reaction – result within 10 seconds
  • No incubation period
  • No test instrumentation

Use brilliantBLUE distalcheck for the fast detection of protein residues left behind on complex surgical instrument tip. Simply immerse the tip of your complex surgical instrument in the solution contained within the distal holder, by inserting the tip and leave for 5 seconds. If protein is present the reagent will turn from brown to blue within 10 seconds.

MED7910 -BB Distal-Check 25 vials

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