Helix Loadcheck

Helix Loadcheck

Colour change: yellow to yellow to dark

  • Type 2 indicator for specific use
  • Clear and abrupt colour change
  • Easy to interpret – easy to record
  • Self-adhesive backing for documentation purpose
  • Non-hazardous/Lead free

The Helix Loadcheck is a hollow load process challenge device (PCD) that is designed to be used alongside the load to verify the air removal (steam penetration) capability of steam sterilizers. The chemical indicator located in the capsule will show a defined colour change from yellow to dark blue/purple when exposed to a specific combination of Time, Steam and Temperature.


V3502030 – 3.5 min at 134 °C Helix Loadcheck
V3503910 – 5.3 min at 134 °C / 15 min at 121°C Helix Loadcheck

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