Reliance ‘S’

The New Reliance ‘S’ ultrasonic offers an effective cleaning solution to non-lumen surgical instruments.

The new Reliance ‘S’ has an enhanced sonic generator and the Reflectasonic surface technology, which combined ensures 100% coverage to the load being reprocessed, bringing the performance of the Reliance ‘S’ to another level with a superior cleaning capacity.

Key benefits & features

  • Fast 3 minute cycle time*
  • Effective ultrasonic cleaning
  • New touch screen & animation technology
  • USB port – download wash cycles for traceability
  • New magnetic lid with sensor
  • HTM 01-05 & HTM 01-01 compliant
  • Intelligent and flexible system
  • Optimum cleaning efficiency
  • Reflectasonic tank – extra-long service life
  • Available in 2 different litre capacities
  • Load performance optimization
  • Degas mode
  • Temperature regulated mode
  • UL & CE compliant

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