PCF Pro – Thermal Disinfecting Sonic Irrigator (60 lumen instruments)

PCF Pro is a high capacity Sonic Irrigator capable of cleaning and thermally disinfect up to 60 cannulated instruments. The PCF Pro exceeds cleaning requirements on a variety of surgical instruments including the whole range of Intuitive Surgical Endowrists through the choice of dedicated baskets.

The PCF Pro sonic irrigation system will clean and thermally disinfect 60 lumen / robotic instruments in a single cycle

  • Process up to 60 lumen / da Vinci instruments with high pressure sonic irrigation
  • Intuitive Load – automatic basket lifting and lowering system
  • Reflectasonic wash chamber coating minimizes pitting for extra-long service life
  • Fully approved process; pre-wash, wash, rinse and thermal disinfection with soft shot air purge for drying lumens
  • User friendly, animated touch screen interface
  • Colour change LED lid lighting visually alerts operators to current cycle status
  • Ultra-fast express cycle / noise control

All our Washer Disinfectors have unique elements, the keys are below.

  • Sonic Irrigation: Combination of controlled irrigation and sonics to facilitate inner lumen cleaning.
  • Lumen Flush: Controlled irrigation of cleaning solution through the lumen.
  • Power Flush: High pressure irrigation to facilitate cleaning through complex lumens.
  • Automated lid: Intuitive loading system incorporated within a fully automatic lift/lower lid allows for the safe loading/unloading of instrument carriers.
  • Deluge Wash: Powerful overhead spray of temperature controlled water to aid the removal of blood and other residues from the external surfaces of the instrument.
  • Thermal Disinfection: Final rinse at elevated temperature to thermally disinfect the surgical instrument.
  • Time: All pre-set programmes are validated to ensure the correct amount of process exposure time is adhered to each and every cycle.
  • Reflectasonic Surface Technology: Allows more energy to pass through the wall of the chamber surface resulting in a more energy-efficient process.

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