‘S’ Series Sonic Irrigators

Medisafe’s New ‘S’ Series Sonic Irrigation machines use a combination of enhanced ultrasonic technology and controlled irrigation, when cleaning complex lumen/ cannulated surgical instruments. With outstanding user experience and energy-efficient savings, the new ‘S’ Series has first class technology offering peace of mind and confidence with superior cleaning.

Key Icons

Enhanced Sonic Generator: Combination of controlled irrigation and sonics to facilitate inner lumen cleaning. Providing side sweep technology to ensure 100% coverage of wash chamber and greater cleaning performance.

Reflectasonic: Wash chamber coating maximising extra-long service life and less absorbent to ultrasonic sound waves causing a ‘reflection’ thus vastly improving the cleaning activity and reducing the risk of any dead spots.

Digital System Technology: Digitally sweeps the frequency control for even ultrasonic activity over all transducers. The auto-tune frequency feature searches the ideal frequency to compensate for variations due to instrument load/ weight/ mass.

Energy-Efficient: The newly developed ultrasonic generator had an improvement that resulted in an electricity energy saving of 36%.

USB Port Connectivity: Integrated data port for machine cycle traceability via MediCate™ giving the ability to store reprocessing data in real time, whilst on board memory will store previous cycle and parameter details.

Touch Screen / Animated Graphic Interface: Designed with user friendliness as paramount with an easy to use touch screen interface, animation and colour screen, allowing the user to have greater process visibility within a busy CSSD department.