Niagara SI Ultrasonic

Pressure Flushing for Narrow Lumen Devices

Offers combined cannulated instrument cleaning with our established sonic irrigation process and high power flushing.

  • High volume washer disinfector
  • 29 min cycle time
  • HTM 01-01 / EN ISO 15883 compliant
  • Sonic irrigation
  • Up to 144 lumen instruments
  • Soft Shot – lumen air purge
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Space and time saving no pre cleaning cycle required

Key – Sonic Irrigation Icons

The Niagara SI Ultrasonic offers an exceptionally fast process for both complex and general instrumentation. Its unique delivery system ensures high pressure fluid is fed to each and every lumen instrument, while the unique combination of Sonic Irrigation™ and conventional washing coupled with our Pulsed Flush™ system achieve an exceptionally high standard of cleaning.

Validated to reprocess: Complex instruments, Laparoscopic instruments, Ophthalmic instruments, Neuro instruments, Orthopaedic instruments, general instruments and anaesthesia instruments

MED1400 – 380 – 415v 60Hz Electrical
MED1401 – 380 – 415v 60Hz Electrical
MED1441 – 380 – 415v 50Hz Steam
MED1406 – 380 – 415v 60Hz Steam
MED1444 – 380 – 415v 50Hz Full Steam MED1439 – 380 – 415v 60Hz Full Steam