Compact storage maximises space

The LOXIX system provides the users with the opportunity to maximise capacity of their storage area: DIN, half DIN and quarter trays fit in a DIN basket of 60 x 30 x 4cm. In utilising this system, an efficient storage facility that is easy to manage, can be created.

For bigger packages, the higher Euro-norm baskets (60 x 40 x 10/13 cm) or the shelves (90 x 40/60 cm) can be used.

Versatile & flexible solution

The U-Flex II storage system is a modular design that makes it possible to combine columns with different dimensions. The system gives endless possibilities to suit the customer’s specific needs.

There are different kinds of trolleys available, depending on the kind of system that is used for the sterilization (open / closed / different materials).

Total solution

LOXIX offers you a total solution for the transport and storage of instruments.

Baskets with wrapped instrument trays fit into different kinds of open or closed trolleys for transport purposes.

With ground loading autoclaves you can even roll the Steri-cart right into the autoclave.

The same baskets fit into the U-flex storage system.

Best quality

All products are produced according to the highest quality regulations using the appropriate materials such as stainless steel AISI 304, nylon, high quality anodised aluminium.

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