Colour change: pink to brown or darker

  • Conforms to EN ISO 11140–1
  • Type 2 indicator for specific use
  • Indicator using class 6 diagnostic technology
  • Effective Load release
  • Compliments your in pack monitoring
  • Self ahesive backing for documentation purpose
  • Easy to use – Easy to interpret
  • Non-hazardous / Lead free according to EC Regulation 1907/2006

The Valisafe Loadcheck is designed to be used in conjunction with the Valisafe in pack monitoring systems. Placed in the chamber with the load and read on completion of the cycle it provides immediate physical independent confirmation that the cycle parameters have been met in the chamber – for confident release of the load.

V3502030 – 3.5 min at 134°C Loadcheck
V3503910 – 5.3 min at 134°C / 15 min at 121°C Loadcheck

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