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Maintains lubrication and retains sharpness on all instruments after autoclaving

  • Steam penetrable lubricant and corrosion inhibitor
  • Prevents discoloration and stains
  • For use in washer disinfectors
  • Improves instrument life and reduces repair costs
  • Will not harm instrument
  • Suitable for manual or automated lubrication

Ezee-Lube is a rust inhibitor and lubricant for surgical instruments; it maintains lubrication and retains sharpness on all instruments after autoclaving, especially those with hinged or moving parts.

Routine use of Ezee-Lube will keep hinged instruments in top condition. Hand instruments will retain sharpness for longer periods of time, requiring less upkeep. The life of every type of dental rotary instrument, be it steel, stainless steel, carbide or diamond, will be extended. All operative, surgical, trimming and gross reduction burrs will benefit from the use of Ezee-Lube.

Remains effective in steam, dry or chemical vapour sterilizers and contains an interface surface corrosion inhibitor and lubricant with oxygen and carbon dioxide scavenger properties. The solution arrests discolouration, rust and corrosion during autoclaving.

Shelf Life: 2 Years

MED8036 – 10L

Specific minimum order required – Please ask.

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