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Enzyme Foam Spray

Medisafe Enzyme Foam Spray — Long Lasting Enzyme Foam Spray Pre-Soak.

  • Powerful multi enzymatic instrument soak with long lasting foam
  • Bacteriostatic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Free-rinsing formula
  • Non-foaming formulation
  • pH neutral

Enzyme Foam Spray is a pre-soak spray foam that covers your instruments with thousands of ‘enzymatic scrubbing bubbles’ which immediately start breaking down blood and bio-burden to speed instrument cleaning and turnaround time.

It’s ideal for keeping soiled surgical instruments moist (endoscopes, laryngoscopes, biopsy forceps, hemostats) to reduce bio-burden adhesion prior to decontamination and reduce cleaning time. It works fast with a multi-enzymatic foaming spray which is specifically formulated to attack and breakdown blood, protein, and fat.

Enzyme Foam Spray is perfect for all pre-cleaning applications in the CSSD, operating room, GI/endoscopy suite, outpatient surgery centres, and dental centres.

MED8050 – 6x500ml

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