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Eco Pre-Clean – Bagasse Tray

Our New Eco Pre Clean with Bagasse tray is designed for the initial flush and wipe of endoscope post procedure.

  • New bagasse tray is biodegradable and can be macerated 
  • Suitable for all types of endoscopes
  • Neutral detergent (Enzyme free) sachet included – just add water
  • Scope sponge included
  • Starts cleaning on contact and prevents coagulation
  • Non-hazardous & Single Use
  • Easy to store, transport and dispose of
  • NEW Bagasse lid – for use while transporting

MED7833 – Eco Pre Clean Bagasse (with Neutral sachet detergent) (box 100)
MED7835 – Eco Pre Clean Bagasse Lid (box 100)