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Distal Duck Kit

Unique pre cleaning kit for complex instrument reprocessing with 5 x tip Soakers, a syringe, 100ml bottle of blended enzymatic detergent used to flush down the instrument port and a Duck Bag™ humidity pack to keep the instruments moist during transport.

  • For use with da Vinci robotic instruments
  • Retains moisture around distal tips – easy cleaning
  • Use as instrument soaker between point of use (OR) and reprocessing (CS)
  • Distal Duck is also an instrument tip protector
  • Includes syringe and solution for rear flush port
  • Includes Duck Bag™ keeps whole instrument moist during transport
  • Quick and convenient to use
  • As recommended by leading surgical instrument manufacturers, keeping instruments moist immediately after use is a critical first step to effective ‘point of use preparation’, safe transport and subsequent decontamination.

M20400 – 1x Distal Duck Kit





Testimonials Text

We have recently implemented robotic surgery into the trust and find that as our instruments are sent to another site, in the trust for reprocessing, the Duck kit is of huge benefit.  We are able to start the cleaning process, of very costly items here in theatres and have the confidence to know, that the instruments are already in the cleaning process, while they travel and wait to be reprocessed. Using the Duck kits means that our instruments, do not suffer any detrimental or damaging situations down to drying of bio burden internally or externally. It has also saved us a lot of paper work and has reduced our instrument repair bill. The instruments consistently arrive back to our site clean and fit for use!

Urology Theatre Sister
Castle Hill Hospital


We have been using the duck kits for our Robotic instruments and it is very useful since instruments sometimes are not collected straight away by decontamination unit for processing. Pre-soaking and keeping instruments moist protects such delicate items especially its tip.

Paediatric Theatres
Chelsea and Westminster Healthcare NHS Fdn Trust



We have been currently using the Distal Duck Soakers for 10 months now and have found it easier and faster for Pre Cleaning on Robotic Arms, we would recommend to another hospital / surgery center.

SPD Supervisor
Northeast Georgia Medical Center- Braselton Campus, US


We are currently using (Distal Duck kit with an enzymatic pre-wash liquid for the da Vinci surgical forceps and pre-moistened surgical instrument bags) and are appropriate and enable the effective removal of contaminating substances with very satisfactory results. Since the processing time for the surgical instruments has been reduced and the pre-disinfection procedure is much easier resulting in less instrument wear. We have also given the Duck Kit our approval certificate.

Central Sterilization Department
General Athens Hospital – Greece


We have been using the Duck Kits for our Robotic instruments and it is very useful since we send our endowrist instruments to another site for sterilization. Pre-soaking and keeping instruments moist protects such delicate items especially its tip.

Urology SCP
Cheltenham General Hospital