3E-ZYME Scope Plus

High Performance Triple Enzyme Instrument Cleaner

  • Ideal for flexible endoscope decontamination
  • Free Rinsing Formula
  • pH Neutral (non corrosive)
  • Safely removes all levels of bioburden
  • Safe for metals, plastic, rubber or corrugated tubing

Medisafe 3E-zyme Scope Plus! – A triple enzyme cleaning solution that removes organic matter and fatty deposits from surgical instruments. Our unique non-foaming formula allows deeper penetration and cleaning inside fine lumen and cannulated instruments.

3E-Zyme Scope Plus works by digesting fat, starch and protein deposits. The conversion of these deposits to a soluble form prevents them affecting other instruments being cleaned. Due to the 3E-Zyme Scope Plus triple enzyme formulation its use will give you the cleanest instruments possible.

M20029 – 4L
MED8015 – 5L
M20200 – 10L

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