Standard Ultrasonics

Our range of Ultrasonics clean Complex, Laparoscopic, Ophthalmic and Neuro instruments, by using high pressure flushing to clean inside the instruments.

Key – Sonic Irrigation Icons


All our Washer Disinfectors have unique elements, the keys are below.

Sonic Irrigation: Combination of controlled irrigation and sonics to facilitate inner lumen cleaning.
Lumen Flush: Controlled irrigation of cleaning solution through the lumen.
Power Flush: High pressure irrigation to facilitate cleaning through complex lumens.
Deluge Wash: Powerful overhead spray of temperature controlled water to aid the removal of blood and other residues from the external surfaces of the instrument.
Thermal Disinfection: Final rinse at elevated temperature to thermally disinfect the surgical instrument.
Time: All pre-set programmes are validated to ensure the correct amount of process exposure time is adhered to each and every cycle.