Service, Spare Parts & Training

Medisafe’s outstanding assistance in servicing, spare parts and training is exceptional, we offer a range of packages including:

Maintenance & Preventative Maintenance

As with all technical precision equipment your Medisafe machine requires regular maintenance. As such we provide contracts for:

  • Niagara series
  • SI PCF Workstation
  • SI SA
  • Si Digital and SI Digital PC+
  • Dentasonic / Reliance Digital
  • Pico washer-disinfector series
  • Pico Clave
  • Euronda Autoclave

Validation & Calibration

It is necessary to carry out the calibration and validation to comply with UK and European protocol, but also to ensure your Medisafe equipment operates safely and accurately. We undertake work to the following standards:

  • CFPP 01-01
  • WHTM 01-01
  • HTM 0105
  • HTM 2010
  • HTM 2030
  • EN ISO 15883


Medisafe provides genuine spare parts and the training is exceptional, we offer a range of support options:

  • Genuine Spare Parts, including:
    • Perishable/Maintenance components
    • Critical components
    • Modifications and Upgrades
    • Service Packs – This has all the parts that are required to be replaced annually
  • Technical Training – all-inclusive training packages for our growing global distributor network and installation sites.
  • Engineering Services

To talk through your needs, please contact the below:

International Spares & Technical Training
T: +44 (0) 1279 858 423

UK Spares, Technical Training, Dental Service & UK Hospital Service
T: +44 (0) 1279 858 417

Technical Support and Repairs
T: +44 (0) 1279 858 400