Point of Use Preparation

Medisafe offers a complete range of instrument cleaning products to aid your cleaning process.

EN ISO 15883-2: 2009 “The efficacy of disinfection can be impaired if soil removal is incomplete before the start of the disinfection process. Users should be aware that some medical devices might require pre-treatment”

HTM 01-01, Part A & D “Reducing the time from close of procedure to reprocessing. Prions are easier to remove if they have not dried on the surface of an instrument. To enable efficient prion removal, theatre and SSD staff should ensure that instruments are transported to the SSD immediately after the close of the procedure, for cleaning and reprocessing as soon as practically possible. This will make the cleaning process more effective, hence reducing the risks to the patients and staff handling the devices. If devices cannot be returned in a timely manner, it is important that the instruments are kept moist using appropriate methods approved and verified by the SSD”