Medisafe’s Celebrating 25 years

Medisafe is celebrating a quarter of a century as a leading authority in the field of medical innovation How we started

Our remarkable history began in 1991 when Medisafe seized the opportunity to develop a product to support the rapidly emerging keyhole surgery market. In 1992 Medisafe introduced the world’s first Sonic Irrigator™ which has become synonymous with cleaning complex / lumen surgical devices.

With the introduction of minimally invasive complex surgery – decontamination and infection prevention remains firmly in focus. Complex instrument reprocessing and post-operative infections are constantly on Medisafe’s radar and we are proud to have effected world change in process and procedure – the world of instrument decontamination is now a much safer place.

Medisafe has continued to be at the forefront of developing new products. From the very first Sonic Irrigator™ to the conceptualization and design of high powered thermal disinfecting Sonic Irrigators™ that can reprocess 60 instruments in a single uninterrupted cycle to prove, beyond doubt, that Medisafe’s equipment will clean and decontaminate complex instruments more effectively than any other method – it’s always been about …The Inside Story…

Medisafe’s Growth

Medisafe is a UK ISO9001 / ISO13485 registered company employing nearly 200 staff members and generating sales to over 74 countries. Our growth and expansion now includes subsidiaries in Germany, USA and Scandinavia. Medisafe is a Queen’s Award winning company that successfully trades globally through a network of dedicated distributors focusing on capital equipment and consumables and has a group turnover of over $30 million.

Medisafe continues to work with a number of existing markets, constantly striving to ensure we explore and establish new opportunities throughout the global medical industry.

Medisafe is honoured to be a recognised market leader in the challenging and evolving field of complex surgical instrument reprocessing for the past 25 years. Innovation has always been at the heart of Medisafe and we are immensely proud of our achievements to date.