Washer Disinfector Detergent
A new and unique formulation which gives the cleaning benefits of an alkaline detergent with the protection offered by an enzymatic detergent.

Compatible with both ultrasonic and washer disinfector machines, its PH9 composition facilitates fast efficient cleaning at high temperatures. A non foaming detergent and lower dilution rate that is suitable for Dental instruments.

The detergent complies with current research conducted by the W.H.O reference effective decontamination of surgical instruments without causing the negative effects normally associated with high pH detergents.

The liquid science behind the unique formulation provides a minimal dose to achieve exceptional and efficient soil removal, all this with sparkling “polished look” instruments at the end of the cycle. “Medi-pH-Safe” will remove all blood, fat, carbohydrates, starches and protein, while it’s discerning alkaline solution eliminates scale and mineral deposits left from hard water.

Medi-pH-Safe unique formulation and cleaning ability assures complete cleanliness and free rinsing of surgical & medical, dental devices and washers.

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